Exclusive ANZ Placement Paper selected 2007 delhi

Paper pattern  2008 ( we did it again another exclusive)
1. analogies (from barron)- 8 ques.
2. technical section -os(most of the ques),ds(5-20),dbms(3-5),networks(1-2)
3. analytical/logical section -12 ques. (5ques. based on 1 ques.,5 ques. based on other,2
ques. simple)
4. data sufficiency -20 ques. (practice from ims material)
5. c test - 5 ques. (easy)

Quantitative section

1. Given ip address detemine the class
2. Terminal emulation (OSI LAYER) - application layer
3. int a;
scanf("%f",&a); is there any error or warning ?
ans. no compile time error but run time error
5. Analytical ques. on rectangular table 8 persons sitting and some conditions (solved eg. in barron)
6. Analytical ques. based on table method given in barron (author names,publisher,book name)
7. Marine animals,terrestial animals,amphibians - express it using venn diagram
8. Some equations- solved by knowing 1st stmt,2nd stmt,both or none
9. Difference between windows 3.1 and windows 95
10. Some ques. on unix
11. Concurrency is NOT a feature of c++
12. Ada is a stongly typed language


Interview tips

They have a lot of questions. on os
Unix versions,virtual memory,processes and threads,
Not asking dbms questions
Some questions. on data structures
Prepare ur project report properly
For some full HR no Technical
They will respond strangely on your answers so don't deviate be confident on your answer

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