2008 Aptitude paper Satyam Interview

Aptitude Questions: Satyam

1. A question on boat(upstream & downstream)..given the boat stream as 10kmph & it travels 91 km downstream & return back.what's the speed of stream if total time is 20hrs? ans. 3kmph

2.a question on pyramid shape nos. very easy.. just u have to add four to numbers to get the new one ans:607

3. some cities are there connected by some transports.easy one..just b patient to read the whole one

4.ques on probability...i can't solve that...tough to me

5.two voters were there....option given...which one is giving more proper ans to the given question.eng aptitude easy

6.100 teachers.10 knows nothing.85 knows physics & 73 chemistry.how many knows both physics & chem?


7.a question on chart...easy one

other questions i don remember xactly but all are easy one...solve r.s. agarwal for those

i cleared the written test.there was cutoff of 7 i think.so don guess friends..


GD was the most interesting section.it was also the section where they cutoff most of the people.my topic was "was the incident took place at world cup final by Zidane justified?"

other topic were "should media be given so much priority", cricket:should be our national game

should we ban softdrinks in our country etc..

Be confident in GD interview..it is the place where tou can show ur leadership abilities..don't argue..be straight & let others speak.we were 7 in a group...the person taking our gd was very frank...he also co operated

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