2008 Convergys interview PAPER PATTERN

Convergys interview PAPER PATTERN (another must read for job seekers)

The interview procedure consisted 2 phases:
1) Writtens test
2) Technical & HR interview

Coming to the written test:
It has 5 sections
1) Inferential vocabulary round
2) Logical &Aptitude test
3) Unix programming concepts
4) RDBMS concepts
5) C programming

1) inferential vocabulary round has a passage with blanks & 4 options to fill each blank.
It had 20 blanks & 22 minutes for that section

2)The Logical & Aptitude section has 45 questions for 48 minutes.
It had number of problems on sets
Example: people studying maths 20,people studying english 30.studying both some number,Find total.....like that.
Around 12 questions were there
Logical questions on Family relations.
some questions on binary numbers.
Cube questions.

3)The unix programming 10 questions 10 minutes.
4)The RDBMS concepts 10 questions 10 minutes
5)The c 15 questions 15 minutes....

Gudluck for ur employment and optimization of ur Career

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