2008 january IBM Test paper Pattern Chennai

2008 IBM Test paper Pattern:

1. Written Test for job

English (articles(2), prepositions(3), comprehension passages(5)). Those very easy, no need of preparation

Aptitude (generally they give 10-20 bits but for my exam they gaven only 2) %'s, boats, averages, ages........ they give very easy problems we can calculate with in 1 min.

Reasoning very very important for my exam they given app. 30 above. generally 20 bits. very very very easy topics: directions blood relations ages ven diagrams cubes series general topics....

Technical (C, Unix, DBMS) time management very very important that place u in frist position

2. Technical Interview for job:

what u put in u r resume that sub they mainly concentrate, plz concentrate on preparation of resume..dont copy & paste from others even from net also..plz try to spend more time to prepare resume

common subjects:

C (test u r c skills)

DBMS (any net material or korth or atleast spectrum)

CN ( net material)

UNIX (net material or atleast hitech plz concentrate on commands)

DS ( sorting programs for cse, it is main & all basic operations)

3.HR interview for job

Confidence plays major role in any HR common ques tell me about u family background resume topics my question is tell me about folder not less than 2 min.

dont stop until interviewer stops you.

Gudluck for ur employment and furthering ur Career

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