2008 Latest Accenture Placement test pattern

Latest Accenture test pattern for interview

step1: (i)aptitute test (quant+verbal+reasoning)

time limit-1hr 10mins,no sectional cutoffs, no negative marking, difficulty level-easy, overall cutoff-high, sets of papers distributed-two.

important topics covered- venn diagrams, symbol based problems, direction problems, word meanings/opposites, prepositions, articles, comprehensions.


time limit-15mins, word limit-none, topic- current affairs.

step 2: group discussions.

time limit- 15mins max. , importance level- very high, topics- current affairs.

step 3: hr interview

type- easy but tricky. be careful. memorise every small detail about d company said in ppt.

step 4: technical interview

type- easy, a little bit tricky, try to answer smartly, topic-anything under the sun, not jst c & c++.

tips--1. carry a xerox copy of 5th sem/7th sem (as applicable) mark cardt/provitional marks sheet with u. its a must.

2. b very thorough regarding company history, profits, revenue etc.

3. dress smartly, they want smart engineers.be confident.

4. improve upon ur english, fluency in english is a must in accenture interview.

5. b positive, b urself, do not bluff, do not lie, they want want honest engineers,if u r caught lying u ll b shown d door instantly.

Gudluck for ur job Employment

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