2008 patern L&T Infotech Placement(Exclusive paper)

L&T Infotech Placement interview call TEST PATTERN(latest 2008)

1ST ROUND of interview

1. Figure matrices problem. 9 block matrice given, with 8 blocks having objects with some relations, n u have to select the 9th one from the given choices. 35 questions, 40 mins. easy questions, time management is important. questions are directly picked up from the book "advanced progressive matrices" by J.C. Raven. but practising 20ques from each figure related chapter from R.S. Agarwal "non-verbal" reasoning book is more than enough(ques that will come in the exam will be easier than this). [COMMON TO ALL BRANCHES]
2. 35 technical questions with choices, 30mins to answer. The ques were basic ques from microprocessor, data communication/networking, c(only 1ques) & c++(4 ques). this is also easy if you know the basics, few of them were tricky. [SEPARATE QUES FOR DIFF BRANCHES]

2ND ROUND of interview

If the number of students shortlisted are more, then they conduct a GROUP DISCUSSION ROUND of interview which is an elimination ROUND of interview. I got the topic "CAREER IS IMPORTANT OR HIGHER STUDIES". I took a midway & spoke about both the pros & cons of the topic. I cleared this ROUND of interview. Try & show urself as a team worker, even if u want to contradict sum1 else's point, start off by saying "i am sorry to say, my friend, i don't agree with you on this aspect...". be courteous but speak confidently.

3RD ROUND of interview

Third ROUND of interview was a technical interview ROUND of interview. He basically quizzed me about the projects that i had done (he even cross questioned me on some topics). I had written in my resume that i had won some prizes in C Programming Contests, he asked me what sort of ques were asked & which all i had solved. He then asked me to tell the logic to solve the programs which i cudn't solve in those Programming Contests. He asked me in which subject i had command. i said C, he asked me some pointer ques in C. then he gave me a program to reverse two given strings & concatenate them using pointers(standard library string funcs shudn't be used for any purpose).

4TH ROUND of interview

This was a HR ROUND of interview. The HR asked me 9 ques at a stretch & asked me to answer them one by one( i think he wanted to judge my grasping power when others are communicating becoz a frnd of mine who cud answer only few of those questions was not selected). Some of the ques that i remenber are as follows:
1. ur name.
2. family background.
3. why did you take up computer engineering.
4. what do you do in college whn ur free.
5. what do u do at home at ur leisure times.
6. ur hobbies.
7.ur future plans.
8. How do u see urself 5 yrs 4m now.

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