46 Frequently asked SATYAM QUESTIONS for 2017

2.600,180,54...........complete the series.

3.sedane:pain :: solace:........ans: grief.

4.play:director :: newsans: editor.

5.river:dam :: traffic(a)signal (b)motin (c)vehicle (d)

6.find the greatest no. (a)half 50%of 50 (b)3times 40%of 40see the obtion & place 3times 40% of 40 blindly.

7.find the compound interest of 1000 rs. at the rate of 5% p.a. for 15 years.

8.find the greatest of 1000power of 1000,1001power of 999

9.product of two no is constt. if one no. is increased by 50% then other no is decreased how much.ans: 33.3

10.l.c.m & h.cf of two no is 84 & 21 respectively and the ratio of these two no is 1:4 findthe gretest no ans: 84 place blindly.

11.if x is 90% of y then y is how much % of x.

12.the cost of 15 apples & 20 mangoes is much as equal to the 15 mangoes & 20 apple then what is the relation between their cost..(a)apple is as much equal as mangoes.place blindly (a) obtion.

13.there r 20 men and 5 women then how much maximum couple can be made.....ans: 20c1*5c1=100. place 100 blindly.

14.a bag contains 8 white and 6 black balls find the prob. of drawing a white ball....ans: 4/7 place blindly.

15.if numerator is less than 2 by denominator and then if 1 is subtract from the numerator and 1 is added to the denominator then the ratio becomes half what is the no.....ans: 5/7 place blindly.

16.if a certain money becomes twice in 5 years.then the 300 rs. will become 2400 at the same rate in howmany years........

17.if the average of three numbers is 135.and the difference between others is 25 then find thelowest no.

18.if the thrice of three consecutive odd no is equal to the more three of twice the last no.then find the 3rd (largest odd no).ans: 11.

19.there are 5 questions in each of the two section.three questions must be attempt forpassing the exam how many ways a student will choose the questionans: 100 place blindly.

20.if the lenght of the rectangle is decreased by 4 and breath is increased by 3.then it becomes sqaurewhose areas is equal to that of rectangle.what is the perimeter of the original rectangle.

21.there is a hemisphere of radius of 2 cm how much litre will be occupied in the hemisphere.given 1 litre= 1000 cubic cm.

22.there is a water tank which has enough water to be consumed in 60 days.if there is a leakage water stays there for 40 days.if there are more similar leakage then how lomg water will consumed.

23.a man saves money 1000 in each year.and he gives this amount at the end of year for the compound interest at the rate of 5% how much he will save after 25 years.

24.after giving 35.66% discount. a saler makes a loss of 11.11 rs.

25 there is an intersection question cannot remember it but the answer is b

26.the sides of a rectangle is 100 cm and 60 cm if there is a path of 5 cm around the rectanle.it is included in that given rectangle.find the area of that path.

27.there is a number when diveded by 5 gives a remainder 3 and when divede by 7 gives a remainder of 5 Ans is 33.

Q28.a train when travelling from 2 station A and B when travelling a speed of 50km/hr is late by 10min,and when travelling at 30km/hr arrives a late by 50min. Find the diatance.

29.rational no. is a.........ans: real no. place blindly.

30.a boat is going along the stream and returning in the opposite direction of stream it travels 10 km along stream.the sppeed of stream is 3 km/hr,then find the speed of boat.

31.a boy leaves his home 15 minute before his shedule time.he takes 10 minutes to reach the bus stop.he arrive at the stop at 8:40 am when he leaves the home.

32.A and B runing around a circle of perimeter of 1200meter(may be differ).A is runing at 210 meter/minute and bB is runing190 metre/minute in oppsite direction to each other.at wich time they will meet.

33.a boy start to count from 32 in the descending order.and another boy start counting from 1 at the same time and he count only the odd no.then find which no they will count at the same time.there were 5 questions on syllogism. if inference is true then A is rightif inference is false then B is rightif inference is probably true then cotherwise D

34.all the wives are womenshe is women.inference:she is wife

35.some of the teachers are fool.A is a teacher.inference:A is a fool.

36.there is a ladder and 4 persons (A,B,C,D) on the ladder. A is further up than B and C.D is further up than A.Which is third from the bottom of the ladder? Ans: person A.

37.A person goes to the house of Sita who is the neighbour of Gita. Amar married with Anita who is the sister of Sita.Ashu is the father of Amar.(a) What is the relation between Sita and Amar?(b) What is the relation between Amar and Gita?

38.In an elevator either 12 adults or 20 children can go. If 15 children already occupied the space , how many adults can go with children?ans: 3

39.Amit's D.O.B. is 3rd March 1980. Amit is four day's older than Sumit. The Republic Day of 1980is Thrusday. What is the day of Sumit's D.O.B.?

40.A complete a race of 120m taking 4sec less than B. B takes one sec less than C. How much timetaken by A to complete the race?

41.A person pointing towards a lady says She is the only sister of my father. Find the no. of childs of grandfather?ans: can't say

42.If GEN = 9 , ABOUT = 15 then GENERAL = ?

43.If DUST is called AIR . AIR is called RAIN.RAIN is called WATER. WATER is called COLOUR.COLOUR is called ROAD. ROAD is called DUST.Where the Fish lives?

44.A is richer than B. B is richer than C. C is richer than D. D is richer than E. Then who is the middle of this relation.

45.there is question to find the code of SEARCH the ans is c.There are 5 or 6 questions based on coding and decoding.

46.A to Z. First letter A is swapped with Z, second letter B with Y, and so on. Which letter thetenth from right

Remember a lotta these questions with detailed explanation can be found Here

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