BOSCH REXROTH 2008 placement paper pattern + 2007 paper (all qs)


2008 Placement PAPER PATTERN for Bosch(another Exclusive u won`t get anywhere else)

Section 1:This section has only technical question. They are mainly from Pointers in C, C++, Data Structures & some questions on OS, DBMS.This section also has lots of question on bit conversions (HEX to Binary, decimal) & one question on finding 2's compliment & such others. There are few questions on finding TRUE/FALSE statement which was bit confusing. Question to calculate square root, cube root of a number were also included.
Overall, this section is easy if you are good with your basics. The questions are mainly around the basic concepts only.
Each question has four options (A, B, C, D) & we had to find the most appropriate answer. Each correct answer carries 2 marks & there is a negative marking of 1 for each wrong answer. So be careful while attempting these questions.

Section 2:This has only general English questions. No book will help you to answer these questions; instead you should have good knowledge of grammar & different English works.
There was a paragraph with some blanks in between. So we have to find the appropriate words to fill in, from the given options. Other questions include comprehension, synonyms, proverbs type question & others.
This section needs some intelligent guessing as you feel that all of the given options are correct & sometimes all are wrong.
Each correct answer carries 1 mark & there is a negative mark of 0.5.

BOSCH REXROTH AG , Vatva , Ahmedabad, ON 24th Nov. 2007

1. Critical stress at which material will start to flow
(b)ultimate tensile stress
(c) proof stress
(d) none of the above

2. maximum degree of freedom in space Ans. 6

3. bearing which will take axial & radial loads.
(a) thrust bearing
(b) deep groove
(c) taper roller
(d) ---

4. volume of water per cubic metre of air.
(a)specific volume
(b) specific gravity
(c) vapour pressure
(d) none of above

5. fluid is flowing through a frustum of cone. what is the nature of graph of velocity Vs. c/s area. {flow = velocity X c/s area}
(a) parabola
(b) hyperbola
(c) y=mx+c
(d) x=x.

6. Fluid in a pipe having no change in profile with change in length of pipe ...explain type of flow.
c)fully developed profile
d)steady flow

7. Which are correct
I) Navier Stokes Eq. is .... of momentum conservation eq.
II)bernoulis eq. is for viscous flow
III) REYNOLD no. >3000 always for turbulent flow.
a)I & II correct
b)I & II not correct
c)II & III correct
d)II & III not correct

8. Which can't be removed during alloying from Fe alloys
a) co
b) N
c) Si
d) As

9.There are two ropes burning non uniformly (rate) & clock half an hour each. which can't be clocked ?
a) 1 Hr.
b) 45 min
c)15 min

10. Lim n->0 (1+ 1/n)^n =
a) 1

11.time dependent increase in length at steady temp. is called
a) superplasticity
b) creep
c) fatigue
d) none

12. Vicosity change with increasing temp.
a) decreases
b) increases
c) same
d) first decreases & then increases.

13. Direction of friction in bicycle tyres
a) along motion
b) opp. motion
c) Front opp. motion & vice versa
d) rear opp. motion & vice versa

14. Sp. gravity of a fluid
a) density of fluid at 0`c / density of water at o`c.
b) density of fluid at 0`c / density of water at T`c.
c) density of fluid at T`c / density of water at o`c.
d) density of fluid at T`c / density of water at T`c.

15. lateral strain / longitudinal strain
a) Poission's Ratio
b) Bulk Modulus
c) Modulus Of Elasticity
d) None

16. 10 coins & 1 defected coin & 2 weighs Find min weighs req. to detect faulty coin
a) 2

17. 9 members in meeting scheluled at 10:00 A.M. , all reaches at 9:48 A.M. . one member req. 2 min to intro with other find meeting delay with scheduled time of 10:00 A.M..
a) 1 Hr.
b) 6 min
c) ...
d)At scheduled time

18. A completes job in 10 hr. & B completes in 15 hr.. Find when both together works
a) 6 hr.
b) 8 hr
c) 10 hr
d) none

19. A ball dropped from H height & moves 80% of height each time.Total dist. covered
a) 4H
b) 5H
c) 7H
d) 9H

20. A cantilever beam loaded at free end find reinforcement place
a) AT neutral axis
b) above neutral axis
c) below neutral axis
d) above & below neutral axis

21. Punching a sheet of D dia & T thickness & S ultimate tensile stress
a) 3.14 DTS
b) 3.14TS X D^2
c) 6.28 DTS
d)6.28 TS x D^2

22. two easy questions. of string mass equilibrium system...

23. Microstructure after quenching
a) Mertensite
b) pearlite
c) ........

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