December 2016 INFOSYS placement paper at jaipur

2017 INFOSYS Placement PAPER ON 3rd September AT JAIPUR.

The pattern was exactly the same as mnc team saw in exams held in 2017.

The written exam was divided into two sections :


2) English (was general, but level is tough).

To sum up the process, mnc team were firstly asked to fill a simple application form.

Do remember to take a passport size photo as it is required to be submitted along with the form.

After that mnc team were given the aptitude paper first.


It comprised of 30 questions to be solved in a span of 40 mins.

As opposed to the regular trend mnc team did not get any ques from cube & dices, though u should prepare it.

The sections mnc team got are as follows :

1)Puzzle - Consist of 7 to 8 students living in same hostel . Names of all students r given, with their height & room no. but in jumbled way. U hav to find the tallest, shortest & respective room no. (Do chapter 6 PUZZLE Test frm RS AGARWAL)

2)Series - mnc team were given 5 figures, mnc team had to find the odd figure in series(Do SERIES, analogy-PART II Non verbal reasoning RS AGARWAL)

3)Data Sufficiency (Do DATA SUFFICIENCY-SECTION 1 General mental ability from RS AGARWAL)

4)Data Interpretation - Practice from "quantitative aptitude by RS AGARWAl )

5)Puzzle again.

6)Logical - SECTION-II chapter-1 LOGIC REASONING RS AGARWAL, Mug up all rules given & practice all exercises)

Suggestion :

1)Do not waste time in practicing & attempting the DATA INTERPRETATION as the question u will get to solve will be lengthy. So neither practice it nor waste time attempting it in exam. If u hav time Left only then attempt it.

) Do not practice Shakuntla devi for aptitude test but solve it for job interview as in job interview they may ask some puzzle to be solved by u.

3)The syllabus i would recommend u - go thru the following chapters :



1)Blood relations

2)Puzzle test

3)Logical Venn Diagrams (very very easy,don't waste much time)

4)Ranking & time sequence Test

5)Data Sufficiency


1)Logic (just do all exercise & memorise all 9 rules)


1)SERIES (just practice some of them, these kind of questions depend on the fact that waha pe strike hota hain ya nahin.)

2) Analogy

3)Cubes & Dices


1)Data Interpretation

There were no different sets for the exam,mnc team all got the same set of questions with exactly same choices.


English -40 Ques- 35mins

Level of questions is very good. I think it is of CAT level.

So practice some topics like prepositions , Error finding, tenses, fill up the blanks from any good English objective book.


You would be asked to answer certain questions based on the comprehension.

First read all the given questions & then read the given comprehension.

COMPLETE 1st comprehension given in the paper, leave the other one & complete other questions. IF time remains answer the leftover comprehension.

2) 5 questions

Four sentences are given , with very less difference , u have to find the most correct one.

3) Some fill in the blanks .

4)Some small paragraphs r given , u have to infer the msg given by that para, 4 options r given choose most appropriate one.


job interview

Carry your resume.

The job interview is just to gauge your communication skills, basically whether you can speak or not or are confident enough.

Tell us something about Yourself - Mention your current educational status i.e name of college, degree & special. Move on to emphasis on your skills.

Support every skill with an exanple when asked for. For example if you mention you are good at team work.You may be interrupted by the interviewer & asked to explain that why you feel you are good at team work.

Every strength, quality, weakness or any word you utter will be listened to sharply. So be prepared for an example & a statement to support it.

Many students were asked some General Knowledge questions too, a list is added below. Thru these they r not tryin to see how much u know, but how u behave in a stressful situtaion when u don’t know something. Just straight away say NO to any ques of which u dont kno the & of & if u kno any fact related to it produce it.

HOBBIES. Prepare fully all the facts related to ur hobbies , as interwier may ask any ques related to ur hobbies.

As I m from Rajasthan so he asked me about the Maharaja of Udaipur, Jaipur & Jodhpur.

As I m Jain so he asked me some questions related to Jainism, The birth & nirvana place of Mahavir Bhagwan etc.

Also asked me some questions related to Windows Vista & Xp

Remember a lotta these questions with detailed explanation can be found Here

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