DELL Placement paper pattern 2007

Dell interview PATTERN

The pattern for dell interview interview is quit simple. they only focus more on your stability. they ask same questions again & again to check ur stability.

1st round of interview is simple introduction round of interview where they check ur communication skills.

2nd round of interview written is of english & other test has 10 question of computer hardware. those ques are very simple.

3rd round of interview is one on one first HR session. they will ask u WHY U WANNA JOIN dell interview? & they will ask the same ques in diffways. abt family & interest.

4th round of interview is telephonic interview. they check ur voice quality & ask questions like. gimmw 5 reasons why should dell interview take u?? gimme 2 reasons why can I reject u?? u have to be confident & firm tht dell interview is only company u wanna join.

5th round of interview is operations round of interview. they ask basic computer terminology. even if u dont know technically u can show confidence tht dell interview training will help in technical.

6th round of interview is typing round of interview. they make u type a document & just check how many letters u can type in a min.

Gudluck for ur employment and optimization of ur Career

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