How to multiply the success rate in Interviews (MUST READ 2017)

What is your success rate in interviews? Have you ever noticed that your friends, colleagues who have been underperforming than you somehow manage to get a job smoothly. But even though your academic and technical qualification are far better than many people, you just keep on struggling to get your dream jobs, Here are few interview tips to help you smoothen your job search, make use of it.

1.Relax and appear prepared

You should give your interviewer the impression that you are well prepared for the interview and the only way to look prepared is to be prepared. Do not look or feel nervous, stay relaxed and focused.

2. Be spontaneous

Be comfortable with yourself. Your answers to interview questions should always come out well prepared but not to the point of sounding scripted.

3. Set your objectives

At the end of the interview, you should let your interviewer know your work experience, talents, skills, capabilities and the things you can offer for the company.

4. Get the logic of every question

In general, all interview questions boil down to as to why a company should hire you. All your responses should reflect the answer to the question "why would we hire you for this specific job?"

5. Thank you letter

It would be a good idea to write a thank you letter, this would help market yourself and to stand out among other applicants.

6. Have an idea of the agenda of your interviewer

You should justify why a company should hire you. Most interviews are designed to see if you are equipped for the job and can work harmoniously with a team.

7. Create a quick list of possible interview questions

Most interviews would begin with "tell me more about yourself". You should be prepared to answer this simple question as well as other common interview questions you can think of.

8. Watch your body language

Body movements and facial expression count a lot during interviews. Make eye contact and be conscious of your body language all the time.

9. Be aware of trap questions

There are a lot of trick questions that can arise during interviews. One of which is the salary issue. It would be wise not to give a figure, but a broad estimate of your work value. It would be a good idea to let them know that your fee would immensely depend on the nature of the project at hand.

10. Keep yourself in a positive frame of mind

Always be positive in all your answers. If you are asked why you quit your previous job, let them know that you are looking for career growth. Never badmouth the management, your superiors or co-workers from your recent company

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