L & T INFOTECH PAPER january 2007


DAY 1: we were seated in a common hall for the written exam….the written xam was average…the quant portion was damn easy…English section I think was a bit tough… U can do the chapters written in the other papers tht wud be more thn enough…
it had three sections,and individual cutoff,as well as total cutoff.
3.Eng quant and apti was as usual but very easy.

in Eng section, sentence correction, odd one out, type questions and a simple paragraph was there. Our results were out by 7:00 p.m…the written was taken in 3 batches as the total students wer around 800..out of the 800 I think abt 250 cleared the written exam….the criteria told to us was 60% throughout ..but all the students who were selected had 65% throughout…this was done to reduce the number of students qualified in written exams…. But it wont be done to evry1 dunt fear of tht part….

DAY 2: when we clear this round we were given a form remember the info. filled in the form will be the basis of nxt day interview skill part.(so dont provide any anonymous info.) Then we were called next day. we were expecting a GD or extempore. but we ended up in a technical interview..
This Technical Interview was the main elimination round out of the 250 candidates who cleared written only 48 got thru the numbers r not exact it may be sum less or more)…. In the technical interview I was asked abt C questions …they will ask u ur area of interest. if ur gud at ur subject then thers no problem. there were 6 panels taking the Technical interview…I was asked HR questions also in the technical interview….for the technical part he asked me abt static, auto extern,registers,memory…then he gave me a program nd asked questions…believe me confidence plays a imp role here….keep lookin into the eyes they create magic….. When u clear the tech ur 80% placed…..HR is just a formality…I din gave a gud HR …I gave HR standing nd it was of 1 min….

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