L & t (larentoubro) HR QUESTIONS asked in 2007

Some Great HR QUESTIONS...

q>I’m concerned that interviewee don’t have as much experience as we’d like in.

Assess the areas of the greatest strengths that match up most favorably with the company’s most urgently-felt wants & needs.

How do interviewee feel about working nights & weekends ?

Answer this question in a balanced way & ensure the hr that interviewee will be willing to work a lot of extra hours in the time of need. This is what hr will be testing.

Is interviewee willing to relocate or travel ?

First find out where interviewee may have to relocate & how much travel may be involved. interviewee should say yes mostly & keep the options open until other offers come.

Why have interviewee had so many jobs ?

interviewee should try to minimize the image as job hopper. interviewee can specify the time interviewee spent at previous positions in rounded years. Describe each position as part of an overall pattern of growth & career destination. Dont blame other people.

What do interviewee see as the proper role/mission of:

a good (job title interviewee’re seeking);

a good manager;

an executive in serving the community;

a leading company in our industry;

Think of the most essential ingredients of success for each category above

Looking back, what would interviewee do differently in the life ?

Indicate that interviewee are a happy, fulfilled, optimistic person. Every experience in life is crucial & i would not change anything.

Could interviewee have done better in the last job ?

Dont be negative & say something which is not of major consequence.

Can interviewee work under pressure ?

Absolutely. Explain the experiences & previous achievements when u actually did. & explain "working under pressure" as part of previous job. But say that u dont worry a bit about it.

Why aren’t interviewee earning more money at this stage of the career ?

interviewee like to make money, but other factors are even more important.

Who has inspired interviewee in the life & why?

Choose any leader in history, in business, politics or anyone. Be prepared to tell about how their words, actions, etc. inspired interviewee.

What was the toughest decision interviewee ever had to make?

Have a good example for that. But again, be positive.

What changes would interviewee make if interviewee came on board?

Again, u need to study everything about the company before the interview to answer this question.

Remember a lotta these questions with detailed explanation can be found Here

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