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Infosys Test Paper for placement


(1-5 questions) Some directions problems followed by 5 questions .
(6-10questions) You will be given 5 figures you have to pick the odd one out.(You find these in RS AGARWALS VERBAL AND NON-VERBAL REASONING).
(15-20 questions) Some population prob with some data given followed by 5 questions.
(20-25 questions) FAMILY RELATIONS problem with some conditions followed by 5 questions.
(25-30 questions) Some problems which can be solved using VENN diagrams.(refer VERBAL REASONING from CAT material).

(1-5 questions) Reading Comprehension.
(6-10 questions) Reading Comprehension.
(10-20 questions) A paragraph with a missing statement which should be selected from the options given below.
(20-30 questions) A statement in which some part is highlighted and we should choose the appropriate substitute for that from the options .
(30-40 questions) Inferences from passages (RS AGARWALS VERBAL AND NON VERBAL REASONING).

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