Latest Test Pattern For INFOSYS (As on Feb 2008)

Latest Test Pattern For INFOSYS

Latest selection process. ( As on Feb 2008)

The duration of the selection process is 2.5 hrs which includes filling in an application form, an Aptitude Test ( Analytical Thinking and Arithmetic Reasoning) and a test of Communicative English Language. The duration of the tests alone will be 90 minutes.

The Aptitude Test will be generally of Puzzles type and the no. of questions will vary between 9 - 15. The best way to practice for the tests is to go through the previous question papers at or refer books like Sakuntala Devi or George Summers.

Go through the Maximum No. of previous question papers and prepare well for the puzzles.

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Here are few tips that may maximize your chance of getting call.

1) For INFOSYS, following details are mandatory. Without these, they will simply throw your resume in to trash. They won't even look at other details. So make sure that these details are in 1 st page of resume and clearly visible.

-- Full Name, Mail ID, Contact Address, Phone Number
-- Date of Birth
-- Academics of 10 th, Inter, Grad, PostGrad (Write Aggregate Percentages. Don't write percentages of each Semester. They won't calculate what is the average percentage.)

2) Try to send your resume every 15 days or 30 days. (Especially send it when they announce Off-Campus in news papers.)

3) Write a small covering letter saying that you did not attend INFOSYS test till now and would like to get a call for next possible test. (Or if you did not attend in last 9 months, mention that.)

4) See to it that your resume is proper. Please refer following Resume Writing Tips.

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