Repeated Aptitude Questions 2007(various interviews placement tests)

APTITUDE 30 questions for ur placement test
Also Included DBMS questions which will help u land the job and ace the interview

1: ——- = ? ( Log67 )
1 + Log32

2: log(a-b) = log a - log b; then a = ?

3: 3 black 7 white balls. prob of drawing 2 white balls ? (7/15)

4: In a lock of 4 rings there r five characters how
many unsuccessful attempts can be made ? (624)..

5: sqrt(6+sqrt(6+sqrt (6 + ..))))) = ? 3

6: a solution is prepared by mixing two solution with sprit 20% & 60%..In
what ration they should be mixed to get the 50% sprit in resultant solution.

7: X2 - (A-3)X +(A+3) = 0
for what value of A the sum of square of roots will be least ? (A=2);

8: ‘a’ number of persons work daily ‘b’ hours to produce ‘c’ items. If ‘d’ persons walks away from the group what will be the number of hours to produce ‘c’ items. ? (ab/(a-d))

9: - 13 Passage

14 - 18 venn diagram.

19-22 picking based (VERBAL);

23-25 picking odd once out (words )

26: m = ax , n = ay mxny = a2(x+y) find 1/x + 1/y? (1)

27 xy - 2y - 6 =0;
x 2 x >2 ..
y is always postive.

The diameter of circle can be determined from
Ans either of them.

29: sum of 2 no. is 7 & product s 10 fnd larger number.


The test was of 1 hour 30 ques. g apti & 30 of
ques. of g apti were very lengthy so don,t end up in solving
them.....time was less......some 15 ques. from arithmetic......&
logical,statement interpretation,arrangement,tense
i am enclosing here the 2 C questions :
1. given a square matrix which consists only of 1 & 0......find
rows,which cols & which diagonals consist entirely of 1,s.
2. given an array of integers find all possible combinations of
numbers whose sum equal to 90.....
ans : knapsack problem (in data structures - aho ullman)
Note : for them solution was not the criteria.......but the
was important......the solution should be generalised &
optimized........optimization was given the top priority........
here is the techincal paper :
plz try to solve them urself by trying on comp.
1. const int MAX=10;
{enum a {a,b,MAX};
print MAX;
2. enum object is a const which can only be assigned a value at
initialization or a variable which can be assigned any value in
middle of
the program?
3. void *p;
what operation cannot be performed on p?
ans : arithmetic operation unless it is properly typecasted
4. char **p="Hello";
print p,*p,**p
5. main()
{char str[]="Geneius";
print (str);
print(char *s)
6. what does the function fcloseall() does ?
7. main()
{printf("Genius %d",fun(123));
fun(int n)
{return (printf("%d",n));
8. difference between definition & declaration.
9. find the error?
{int i=10;
if(i<10) a="9,b=" c="3,d;" d="(b-c)<(c-a)" 1="?" i="4;" i="i/4);" cols="?" id="KonaLink2" target="_top" class="kLink" style="text-decoration: underline ! important; position: static;" href="">data modelling
a. customer b. student c. office d. speed
20. can a database table exist without a primary key ?
21. whether higher normal forms better than lower forms as far
redundancy is concerned ?
22. file is at which level
ans. conceptual level
23. what is a foreign key

There are 2 round of written test
One is Technical

The Technical Test has 30 qns to be answered in 30
This is Just a MODEL
Questions will be asked on C, C++, Oracle, RDBMS ,
Java & data structures

1. The expression 1= 30*1000+2768; evaluates to A)
32768 B) -32768 C) 113040 D) 0
2. Which is wrong
A) mess=123.56; B) con=,T,*,A,; C) this=,T"*20; D)

3) What is the output of Ptograms
{ int a=500,b,c;
b=300; c=2--; printf("\n%d%d",b,c);}
4) Identify the error in
{char c1=,a,,c2=,Z,;
if (c1==,a,or c2==,z,) printf("welcome");}
5) What will the following program print
{inti; for(i=0;i<=10;i++); printf("%d\n",i);} 6) What will be the values of x,y,& z Main() { int x=10,y,a, y=--X; z=x--; printf(%d%d%d\n",x,y,z); } 7) What will be the output of Main() { int i; int marks[]={100,90,75,90,80}; for (i=0,i<4;i++) i="&arr[1];" j="&arr[5];" deptno="10;">
4) How would you declare a PL/SQL table of records to
holdthe rows selectd from the EMP table ?
5) Which statement about Implicit cursor is true ?
a) Implicit cursors are declared implicitly only from
b) Implicit cursors are dclared implicitly for all the
DML & SELECT statements
c) Programmers needs to close all implicit cursors
before the end of PL/SQL programs
d) Programmers can declare Implicit cursors by using
cursor type in declaraion section
6) Evaluate this PL/SQL Block
V_Result number(2)
WHERE department id (20,30,80);
What will be the value of v_result if no rows are
a) 0 b) 1 c) TRUE d) NULL
7) Which two conditions in a PL/SQL block cause an
exception error to occur ? ( Choose 2 )
a) Select statement does not return a row
b) select stmt returns more than one row
c) select statement contaains a group by clause
d) seelct statenent donot have where clause
e) data type in the select list are inconsistent whith
data types in the into clause

1)You are requested to use the HIERARCHIAL DATABSE
model for the Human Resource DBMS System . Since your
entity relationship model for the system reveal that
most of the entities have many-o-many relationships
between them, you do not approve TOm,s
request.Referring to the above scenario,what is the
REASON behind your decision ?

2) Which one of the following mechanisms in aRDBMS
a) 1 Constraints b) Locking c) Views d) Indexes
3) How does a data base stor information that is
related to the location of its tables
a) 1 by relationships
b) By normalisation
c) By a data dictionary
d) by data banking
e) By entity modeling
4) Two tables A & B would be given
You are asked to mintain a relationship between Table
A & B. Referring to the gien table, which field will
you choose as the primary key for Table A

5) You have been asked to remove all aggregate
functions from your SQL statements refering to the
scenario above. WHich one of the following do you need
to remove ?
a) 1 SUM b) COUNT c) AVG d) MAX e) ROUND
Data structures
1) What will be the output of the gien program
int m,n=10,top=0,stack[11],item ,current;
puts ("enter number of elements <11 top="1;top<=" m="top;m">0;--m)
( 4 or 5 options would be given )
3) What are the THREE MODES OF traversal of a BINARY

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