Birlasoft placement paper (aptitude questions)

Birlasoft Placement paper 13 december 2007


there are 4 sections in written
1.maths(%,mixture,ratio simple maths)
2.simple reasoning(from r.s. aggarwal)
3.english(not so hard)
4.technical(java,dbms,s/w engg.)(prepare this section well)

some topics that were asked in birlasoft
1.wat would u prefer man or woman as a boss.

some questions asked were handling)
3.s/w engg.(testing)
4.c++(friend function)
5.table to normalize
6.find errors in some c++ syntax
7.some hr question's like
-family background
-some question related to hobbies
-they will check ur confidence, communication skills




Consisted of 50 questions to be completed in an hour……I took 50 mins really surprised….thought I wont clear the paper

There was negative marking of.25

1) 20-technical
Mainly java and DBMS theoretical questions

2 questions from Software engineering

2) 20-Quantitative aptitude

2-3 quests decimal to hexadecimal and octal

Mixture and allegation


Q gain 50%, loss 50%.find total loss percent


Very simple, basic level quest in this section RS Aggarwal is sufficient for this section

3) 10-English

3-4 Vocabulary

Q synonym for Amenities

Ans Facilities

Q antonym to autonomous

Ans dependent

2-3 wrong Sentence questions

2-3 idioms and phrases

Q “if winters come, can spring be far behind”….what does it mean?

Q chicken hearted stands for kind hearted or weak hearted or…….


On the same day at about 8-8.30 p.m


Other topics were”MALIKA SHERAWAT in kajrare song”

“Should international Men’s day be celebrated?”

He was judging not only our communication skills but also Our body language . And if we were listening to other group members or not

Don’t speak only for speaking............u must have logical point

In our panel there was cool guy ………he asked every one to conclude the GD which showed whether we were listening or not

Our GD was not mass elimination round …..…7 out of 10 were selected……he said…..that was the best GD he ever had.


On the next day , Firstly we had a PPT……must for HR , PPT at 9 a.m

Then I was called for interview at about 1 p.m

In My panel ……two guys……one for HR and other for TECHNICAL

Me: May I come in sir.

Sir1: come in

Me: A very gud after noon sir.

Sir2: Gud after noon J

Tip:-don’t dare to sit till ask to do so.

Sir2: Have a seat

Me: Thank u sir

Sir2: Can I have ur CV.

Me: I Was told earlier to paste a photo on CV and took it separately in hand, out of file. So just gave him.

Sir1: hmmm…NEHA NARULA.Are u some what related to nirula’s? J

Me: J no Sir

Sir2: He asked me about my training at CONVERGYS.

Me: I explained him all……blahblah. And added this training was beyond my curriculum.

Sir2: beyond curriculum? But this training program was in ur curriculum

Me: Sir,this one month training was not in my curriculum…..i had undergone one more training at…… mentioned in my CV

Sir2: So what u did there?

Me: Again explained him all….blahblah

Sir1: k, what languages u knw?

Me: c/c++,core java.

Sir1: He asked me about java…its features?

Me: I said polymorphism, inheritance,encapsulation..blahblah…..he asked me to explain all. I explained polymorphism, inheritance.

Sir1: He interrupted me and asked what u said about encapsulation?

Me: I think he was checking my presence of my mind .coz I hadn’t explained encapsulation then. I said I havn’t….blahblah.

Sir1: oh! Dat polymorphism

Me: then I explain all again with function overloading and operator overloading…then I said oh sory….java doesn’t support operator overloading. he was really impressed

Sir2: k,what is overriding?

Me: I forgot… I said,,,,,,,,,not being able to recollect

Sir2: It is related to inheritance.

Me: sorry sir

Sir1: Difference between DBMS and RDBMS,,,,Ms access is RDBMS and DBMS?

Me: Explained all…….though I was not sure about ms access, but I said Ms Access is DBMS.

Sir1: Have u done any language beyond ur curriculum?

Me: Yes Sir, Core java and SQL

Sir1: SQL….k what is SQL?

Me: sequential query language

Sir1: Sequential or structured?

Me: Sir I read 3-4 full forms of SQL…..i don’t knw wich one is true yet. Again a smile J

I was so confident that he was really really impreseed

Sir1: Which buk u followed?

Me: Again I forgot……then I said Navathe….though I followed Korth.

Sir1:Explain,what is SQL?

Me: User fires a query in this language to interact with database…blahblah.

Sir2: siblings?


Sir1: Why Birlasoft?

Me: with a pause,,,,,I said there is an ample scope for an individual to grow coz the company provides extensive training in technical and soft skills,,,,,,,,,,SEI CMMI level 5 company,,,,,,,ISO certified ………..all from PPT

Tip: must prepare for

Questions like …why this company?

Why I hire u? (Don’t b arrogant here)

Sir1: ok! U have any prob if I send u to Chennai?


Sir1: night Shift?


Sir1: ur parents will allow…blahblah?

Me: yes sir,,,,,my and my sis’s career is the primitive priority of my family

Sir1: In which sec u wan go development or maintainence?

Me: Software development sir

Sir2: but we will send u in maintainence

Me: k Sir

Sir1: u don’t hav a job then don’t say its ok…

Me: no sir it’s not like that

Sir2: I think she might not knowing about development or maintenance…..

Me: J not exactly sir

Sir1: k J would u like to ask something?

Me: What are the ongoing projects?

Sir1: Lots of project……..

Me: what challenges I will be facing at birlasoft?

Sir1:…………………………………… don’t remember what he said.

Sir2: ok Neha u can go now

Me: Thank u SIR.


the Aptitude test
the apti consisted of 50 questions.. first 20-25 (exactly i don remember)were technical..first three questions were on conversion 4m hexadecimal to octal,binary and...there were ques on dbms as what is denormalization..,ques on java.c,c++...but don wry guys...they were simple..

then next was quant..ques on alligation,speed and distance.profit and loss,1q on probability..time and work..

next were ques on English...they were pretty simple..choose the wrong sentence,synonyms,and associate the meanings wd d phrases given..

the paper didnt take much was easily completed in an hour..and for the non it/cse students don wry but the technical part..u too......can get thru .i too am an ece student.......

the results for aptitude were announced within two we didnt have to wait much..... and ha.cutoff for the paper was around 40..

next was the group discussion round...the topics for the gd were
future of it industry in india
should ganguly be the captain of indian cricket team
shilpa shetty vs jade goody at big brother
love marriages vs arranged marriages
and there were some abstract topics as well......

the next day we had a ppt first and then technical cum hr interview.. they started with simple hr ques...i was asked to describe my cv..i did.they asked me q on my cv...then being an ece student they asked me about the communication does commmunication happen..i xlnd transmitter,receive and bla bla..

what are analog and digital signals
advantages of digital over analog........he asked me to xpln in laymans language..
exmples of where are we using these signals..
itold analog at homes and digital in comp
wht type of signals are used in mobiles..
though i guessed it rt as digital bt he told earlier we were using analog bt nw digital..
some ques on optical fibres,their advantages..
he told me he was satisfied wd my knowledge bt electronics..
and then sm q on c...wt r data structures,wht is block.wht is page statement,explain float......
then i ws asked if i m comfortable wd c.....i told i am.......
then sm hr ques..
hw do u define success,hw many frenz u have,and ur u read budget nws as budget ws out dose daz...and few mr simple hr ques..

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