L & T INFOTECH PAPER 24 april 2007


total number of students 2000,written was cleared by 400 students.
G.D by 225 odd ppl n finally d hr was cleared by 140 students..

following is d pattern of the exam...

1.Written test
There were 3 sections each hvn 30 ques n total time was 90 mins

a. Quantative questions
There were 3 diff sets in exam n dere were diff ques too n d 1 which i got had a difficult aptitude....i prepared hard for quant frm R.S Aggarwal but still i found it difficult...dere were general ques like martices,simplification,ages,bar graph,time n work, profit loss n percentage...i will advice u dat dnt go in depth f each topic,basic fundas will see dis section off....do from R.S aggarwal...1 waz able to attempt 15 correctly n rest were guesses

b. Logical reasoning
dis has alwz been my fav. section,i attempted it first n frm 30 i guess i must hv scored atleast 22 ques were not tough,dey may b time consuming if u dn hv gud practise so plz do practise dis..coz time really matters a lot...blood relation 3 ex. frm R.S aggarwal.coding,decoding,puzzles,figure series syllogisms(remembr d 9 rules)...33 mins for dis section

c. English
i gave it last 25 mins,it was not too difficult....u can easily clear d cut off atleast..if u hv basic knowledge f grammer....dere were ques from analogy,fill in d blanks,1 comprehension(dam easy),2 antoynms, error checking.....no need f any buk or practise if u r frm cbse,icse or hv a gud c.skills
our exam ended at 6.45 pm n result wz out at 9.40 p.m

it wz on next day...dey can conduct anythng or even both...1 advice for all u ppl...here dey check confidence nn only confidence....mine waz extempore hvn 20 students in a rum..1min to thnk n 1 min to present.. .topic waz private universities should b der??

out of 20 students 14 were selected...dey were nt even checkin d content nly confidnce matters....ppl having a bad English were also able to clear....u just hv to speak confidently nd u r through man...dere itself v were provided wid hr form..

it started at 2 p.m....but my turn waz around 4.30 p.m...aut f d 5 panels i got d worst 1,she waz taking stress interviews but i waz quite determind to make it..
me: may i cum in mam??
mam: yes
me: gud evening mam
mam: plz hv a seat
me: thanku mam

mam: ok tell me d meaning f ur name
me: smiled as it eaz d same 1st ques in infosys hr round..told

mam: u got a backlog in 3rd sem....reason??
me: actually mam i thnk i didnt worked hard dat time,but i blv wateva happens is for gud...so aftr dat i workd hard..i cleared my backlog n also i %age increased fairly....she waz impressed

mam: any co curricular activies???
me: captain f ma colg cricket team

mam: any sort f seminars or debates u participated in??
me: (actually in d space fr areas f improvemnt i had written PUBLIC SPEAKING SKILLS yes mam in last sem i participated in technical debate..topic waz robotics n dis time too
our departmnt is going to organise a consodium n m looking fwd to it.
mam: gud

mam: do u really thnk u need to improve ur skills??
me: i knw m gud at dese skills but i want to improve myself bcoz if u want to b successful
u must b among d best..(she waz really happy wid my ans interview ki phad di hai..hehehe)

mam: any furthur studies??
me: no mam

mam: u can leave
me: thank you mam
dats it....my interview wz d shortest 1..it went only for 3 mins..rest students went for abt 10 mins..
actually i presented my self in a v.gud ,manner...waz natural n spontaneous wid my answers n was very logical..

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