Infosys PAPER ON 21ST december 2007


hi, This isVAMSI iam from biomedical engg,JBIT,i got selected for infosys,here is the whole test paper.There will be two rounds one is the written test and the other is HR.In written test thr will be two sections:

1.General aptitude

the aptitude section is given 40 min to solve and the verbal is given 30 min. if u prepare well for the exam u can solve aptitude section in less than 40 min

1.In general aptitude the first q is on cubes,the q goes like:There is a cube of size 15cm and is cut equally into smaller cubes of 3cm each and is painted with red ,yellow and green on opposite sides based on these answer the following q
(1)how many number of cubes will be there with no sides painted??
(2)how many number of cubes will be there with 1 side painted???
(3)how many number of cubes will be there with 2 sides painted
(4)how many number of cubes will be there with 3 different colours painted on there sides?and one mre q i couldnt rememberbut it was an easy one,i solved it in less than 2min.

2.this is to find the missing can solve this easily by jst looking at it.its very easy.
3.this one is on data sufficiency.even this is easy,.concentrate on SI,CI,profit and loss,geometry.
4.DI.this is the difficult section ive come this at last.the q goes like ,there is an hydropower station ,the water is stored in the reservoir and is usedto run the turbines ,the water in it is drained bewen 5pm and 8pm andreplenished between 5am to 10am ,the next day and the content in it is measured at 11am.and below a tabular column is given with some unknown parameters a,b,c,d,e,f,g.we need to find si very time consuming

5.this one is a puzzle..u find this type of problems in VERBAL AND NONVERBAL REASONING BY RS AGARWAL..go through "puzzle test" exercise in it.this one is also easy but a bit tricky
6.this one is based on syllogisms...goin through syllogsm exercise in RS agarwal jst gives u an idea on how to solve,but the one u get in infosys exam are pretty different from those in RSagarwal ,there is no necessity to remember those 9 rules dont waste time by doin so..the model which we came across in the exam is like:

they will give u five statements a,b,c,d,e. and below 4 options each option consists of three statements like abc or adc or bcd .we need to find the option basing on the condition that the last statement should be derived form first two.even this section is easy..

2. Verbal...this section is very easy and needs no kind of preparation.u can do it if u r good at grammar..

next is HR..they jst see how u r responding,ur communication skills.most of the interviewers asked abt situational q and doesnt matter whether u solve it or not..but don give up keep on trying....if u get a good score in written test ur chance of gettin into infy wll b high.


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