2018 INFOSYS PLACEMENT for preparation (paper 1)



1) A,B,C,D,E,F,G are seven friends..each of them hv a 7 digit phone no. with nos in cylic manner ...none of d nos get repeated..no phone number has digits 0,1 or 9....B has d ph no. in strictly ascending order..2 is the second last digit of A's phone no....2 is the middle digit of C's no...and sm more data were given... u need to find the phone nos of all the friends..and answer 5 ques that follow..easy one..

2) ques n Data Interpretation...5 ques to b answerd tht follow..easy one..
3)question on logical reasoning..very easy...there r 4 batsmen..sachin,ravi,kambli,dravid.....n info about each of them was given..cud b solved easily..just prepare the rows and columns n complete the table..5 ques to be answered that follow..
4) 5 ques on triangle congruency and similarity,basic maths..
5) 5 ques on Data sufficiency
6) spot the odd fig out(5 ques)

1) 10 ques
two passages..5-5 ques to be answered for each..

2) 5 ques
choose the grammatically correct sentence from the options given below(5 ques)........ refer either ren n martin or sm good CAT material..atleast brush up the basics b4 appearing for the test cuz the options look nearly similar..

3) 5 questions
choose the optiion which makes the sentence grammatically correct..that is, a part of the sentence is underlined and u r to choos e frm the option ,the phrase which is correct...again refer gud CAT material..

4)5 questions
fill in the blanks with a proper word...easy ones

5) 10 questions
Read the small para given..and conclude the para with a proper option..

I was called twice for the interview..probably cuz i made many blunders in the first interview..

1)tell me bout urself..
tell him bout ur strengths n ur qualities ..he doesnt want ur formal intro..
2)tell me smthin u did creative in ur school days
3)do u have a boyfriend??
4)what all qualities wud u wish ur spouse shd have??
5)will u marry a guy who si honest but poor??
will u marry a guy who is poor cuz he s honest?
6)wud u lie for the company?
7)what wud u do if ur father is very sick and u rnt granted the leave cuz there is tonnes of work left??
9)wud u join the company now??
10)tell me if u hv workd in a grp??
11)what will u do if sm1 keeps sending u vulgar messages on ur cell and doesnt stop at ne cost??

2ND INTERVIEW: (askd mainly from the resume)
1)why did u take up electronics engg?
2)askd bout windows vista,wifi technology..
3)askd about the project..speed car design n micromouse..
4)some simple hr ques frrm rthe resume..
5)wud u like to ask any ques??

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it is better to give the solutinos for interview questions.......
i think its help full to others....

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