INFOSYS PAPER ON 12TH september 2017

INFOSYS PAPER ON 12TH september 2017

APTITUTE-(30 mins)

1) THE FIRST TYPE QUESTION(1-5) was a was something like there were 4 guests n the two host sitting on the dining table.the two hosts sit two males sit together(it wa something like tht i dont exactly remember)..It was quite tricky and i would suggest u to attempt those at the last...

2)THE SECOND TYPE OF QUESTION(6-10) was based on figure...most of them were adjusted clockwise or anticlockwise..give a try..i hope it works for u too..

3)THE THIRD TYPE OF QUESTION(11-15) was the general puzzle question from RS Agarwal a bit time consumingbut u can do it...

4)THE FOURTH TYPE OF QUESTION(16-20)was data intepretion..this was a simple question like the other br graph questions given in RS AGARWAL..But was time consuming..So hurry through...Dont waste time looking around..And always keep calm n cool..

5)THE FIFTH TYPE OF QUESTION(21-25) were the data sufficiency questions(all of them were numerical)..For solving these questions u need to hv a knowledge of the data required to solve a question...For example if u have to find the volume of a cylinder u should know its height and radius..

6)THE SIXTH TYPE OF QUESTION(26-30) was based on syllogism..well practice them from RS AGARWAL and i will suggest u to try them with the help of venn diagram and u will do it in a flash..

ENGLISH-(40min) It had 40 questions-
1)TIPS:....just practise from any of your school days books and thats more than sufficient.and do pay enphasis on GRAMMAR.
TYPE 1) 2 Passages: the lengthiest of the every prior infoscian i too would suggest to attemp them at the last
TYPE 2) 2-3 lines given with a part underlined(containing silly grammatical mistake) .Take it as a late birthday gift..It cant get easier than that.
TYPE 3) a word was given and the closest meaning was to be selected.TIPS: :read carefully and analyse which is most suited.Its actually general words but or a bit tougher..But u can do it if u analyse carefully.
type 4) 7-8 lines complex paragraph and 4 options to each were given,we were supposed to relate each sentence with the paragraph and
choose the one which can be directly concluded from the passage.These were quite easy.I suggest you try these with a calm mind..

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