INFOSYS PAPER ON 19TH MAY 2017 chennai

INFOSYS PAPER ON 19TH MAY 2017 chennai

1.Apptitude n Reasoning

1.Apptitude n Reasoning: In this section the time alloted is 45mins for 30 questions.It consists of,
* 5 ques based on the data given (In our paper we had the data given about colours tht painted on a six sided cube n ques based on the data)
* 5 ques based on Odd fig out.(A bit easy)
* 5 ques on Data Sufficiency.
* 5 ques on Data Interpretation.(Learn abt. Bar charts,Pie charts,line graphs,etc...)
* 5 ques based on an anlytical problem.(Here v have to corelate the given facts with the help of a table n in our paper it was a bit difficult)
* 5 ques based on 9 rules of Syllogism.(plz learn the 9 rules of syllogism from R.S.Agarwal perfectly so tht u can answer thm very easily)

The way i have answered was...first i answered data related ques i.e,abt the cube colours n thn syllogism ques,next odd fig out n thn data sufficiency next data interpretation n at last analytical problem....In this way I was able to answer most of the questions....

2.English: In this section the time alloted is 35mins for 40 ques. It consists of,
* 10 ques on Comprehension passages(v will have two long passages given n 5 ques each based on each passage.plz don't start with this...)
*10 ques based on Correction of sentences(don't start with this also)
* 7 ques based on correcting the underlined phrase.
* 7 ques based on filling with an appropriate word.(Better to start with this)
* 6 ques based on paragraph n inferences(easy)

On the whole,the paper is not tht much hard to tackle but our reading speed n understanding power plays an important role...Let me tell how to ansewer it in time...first start with filling the appropriate word,next correcting underlined phrases n thn paragraph inferences n thn correction of sentences....n thn one was left with 10 read the questions n the options given for comprehension n thn i searched for the answers in the given in this way one is able to answer most of the ques this way was able to answer my paper within time...whenever u feel a question is a bit difficult plz leave it n go for the next one...don't waste even a single second...

Our test was completed by 1:20 n our results were announced at 5:30p.m n thn v had our HR interview immediately....a total of 51 members out of 150,were selected from written test.

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