Test Paper for Wipro Gurgaon 2007 december

Test Paper for Wipro gurgaon December

I was the 3rd to my pannel & was the first to be selected by him.

he: give me ur resume

me: gave him the resume

he: tell me abt ur self

me: I was prepared for it.i gave the answer promptly. I couldnt maintain eye contact initialy but i could manage it.

he: wat do u know in C

me: basics

he: C++?

me: no. & told him the reason y i didnt learn them outside.

its always better to substantiate such things with a reason.

he: wat is a datatype

me: gave the answer

he: asked something on linked list.

me: I couldnt hear him. so i told him i donno

he: wats the difference bet ms office xp & 2003

me: (i wrote tat in my computer skills) i told him we use only the basic features of ms office. may be there r some internet related features in 2003 which r not there in xp.

the real difference is dat office xp runs in win 98, 2000, & win xp. but 2003 runs only on win xp & win 2000 with servicepack.

he: narrated a big passage. the gist was that whether a file created in office 2003 be opened in office xp.

me: yes sir it can be without a problem

he: r u sure

me: yes sir. i tol him our college has xp & i have 2003 & we often transfer documents.

he: any questions?

me: asked him two questions related to technical only. dat was a plus point for me.

he: then told me to wait outside & told that he will let me kno

me: thank u sir.he forwarded his hand & i did the same & gave a firm shake hand.

within few min I was given a form for hr interview. It was very lengthy & almost took 20 min to fill. Within next 10 min after filling the form I was called for HR interview.

Interviewer was a lady.

she: tell me abt ur ur self

me: tol her same thin letter to letter as i tol in tech.

this time eye contact was not at all a problem

she: (i told her something on my introspection in my intro) she asked gimme an incident as an example.

me:i didnt expect her to ask it.but suddenly an incident flashed into my mind. it really happened in my first year.i told her dat.

she: tell me abt ur family

me : told her

she: y didnt u get placed in CTS & TCS?

me: (cts & tcs came to our college on 3rd of aug) I told her i didnt clear their written.

she: wat did u learn from dat

me: I was not expecting dat but my mind was alert as I was not at all tensed. I told her tat donot fall for temptation from CTS & do not prepare more than ur caliber from TCS.

she: why wipro?

me: I was perpared for this question. i tol her three points abt wipro in which i gave her a hint tat i prefer working in south india.

she: wat if i place u in gurgoan (wipro is there in gurgoan)

me: no problem i will work there for a couple of years & take a transfer & come back to south.

she: wat do u think abt ur college:

me: told her all the good things which i knew abt our college (our college is really popular for its placements, thanks to ur placement officer). first i told her tat our college has good placements & good companies r coming & i also told tat Wipro is one such company

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