Test Pattern For Satyam Interview 2007 delhi part 2

Test paper2 for Satyam


1.Avarage weight of p,q,r is given (cannot remember 48 i think) the ratio of students

in class p&q is 3:4.no of students in r is 25% more than p.Find the avarage of all the 3 classes.

2. Odd man out. 1307, 8627 ,6792 ,7297.

Numbers were not exact but in this model

3. Can't remember

4. Pie chart problem. One chart was given on the expenditures of a person.His total income

is 6000/- .Now his income is 1500/- we have to find the ratio of radii of two pie charts.

a. 2:1 b.sqrt(2):1 c.1:sqrt(2) etc.

5. A,B,C,D,E are 5 in family.A& D are unmarried women & dont work.in family there are

businessman,professor,artist.B is the brother of a & is not artist or businessman.E is husband.

Who is professor?

a)A b) B c)D d)E e)NONE OF THIS



8. Stamp combination problem. There are 5,10,15 paise stamps with a boys grandmother

& the boy has to paste an equivalent of 45 paise stamps to post a letter.The total combinations are ?

a. 11 b. 12 etc.

9. Some long series of sentences were there I haven’t read them.Some reasoning type.

10. 3 work completion times were given regarding project preperation in hours by 3 teams & if each team person

is equicapable then find the time or days in which the complete some 18 hours or days work or project something

like that not sure.

11. Algorithm problem

Let R=2;

Let R=R+2;

Let K=K+1;

Let K=K*R;

Printf K

Let J= J+K;

If R <= 8

Goto step 2;


Which of the fallowing output is not true.

a. 4 b. 36 etc

12. Simple problem on Simple Interest.

If the person gets one fifth of th sum after lending it for 8 years find the rate of interest

a. 2 ½ etc

13.Pets problem analytical one easy one.

Three persons sarada,sravani & suchitra have pets.The pets are pet1,pet2,pet3 They buy them in the months March,August ,& December.Sarada is busy in the month august & sravani baugt pet3 in December & Suchitra will buy in the month august but wont buy pet1.

What pet & which one will Sarada buy. Question is not exact,its only model

14. related to R.S Aggarwal Line-Graphs problems

15.Boats & streams

Given stram velocity x ,boat goes down stream by 30 KM & comes back.Total time is 4:30 Hours.Find the speed of the boat.

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