2008 Test Pattern For Satyam Interview part 1

Test Paper 5 for Satyam


There will be 4 easy questions which can be answered in 5min, then try to do another 4 in 25 min, that’s all. This is for those who are fully confident of getting those 8 right, because cutoff will be < 7 at max 8. Others try to answer maximum & for some question we can eliminate 3 options easily. Be careful negative marking is there. One thing written test is easy.

some questions of aptitude are-

1)Avarage weight of p,q,r is given (cannot remember) the ratio of students in class p&q is 3:4.no of students in r is 25% more than p.Find the avarage of all the 3 classes.

2)Odd man out(5 options where given)

3)A,B,C,D,E are 5 in family.A& D are unmarried women & dont work.in family there are businessman,professor,artist.B is the brother of a & is not artist or businessman.E is husband.Who is professor?a)Ab)Bc)Dd)Ee)NONE OF THIS

4)pie chat is given for a salary 6000 what will be the ratio of radius with a salary of 1500.a)2:1b)1:2c)3:2d)none of these.

5)Sum in S.I. becomes 5 times its pincipal in 8 years what is the rate?a)5/2b)6/3c)d)none of these.

gd interview: for me it is the easiest, because we have attended a lot of gd interview’s before & we are fully aware of gd interview’s. It is cake walk if you have some practice before & able to speak for some time grabbing the chance. Leadership qualities are seen more. Try to give a chance for people who are sitting idle, that’s all it’s a part of leadership quality. Ours gd interview was a one which takes pace in fish market.We din have ap proper gd interview,moderator was very angry...Altough i showed the leadership Quality n fortunately i was selected. Our gd interview topic was “is indian cities ready for any disaster” all of us were againstthe topic & before the end we also covered some positive aspects regarding that & some preliminary measures for those

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