Test Pattern For Satyam Interview 2008 delhi

Test Paper6 for Satyam


You must be knowing that there will be 15 questions.U will be given a time of 30 mins...

Questions will be mainly from RS AGGARWAL.be thorough with that & u will find the paper very easy....

i dont remember the questions exactly but will try to give u a basic idea

1.a man thought that he would drop by some money everyday into temple's donation box for a year & everyday he will double the amount.if he starts with re.1 then how much money will he drop at the end of the seventh day?


2.u will have a pyramid problem..where u will b given a pyramid of numbers with either an error or a missing number.u have to solve as per the question.(just try to find the logic of the pyramid..he wudnt give u any big logic..check for simple ones)

3.if 0 is@

& if 1 is represented as $

then what is the value for $$@$

3,4 problems on reasoning..if u think u are really good at it then go for it other wise keep it for last.

5.there will be a pattern given to u..


a) a b

d c

b)e f

h g

c)i j

k l

d)m n

p o

pick the odd one out

(the answer is simple third one-just see the format).

6.there was a problem on ratio & proportion.(some percentages were given.question was regarding water & alcohol.it is in the text book.

7.there was a problem on trains.(very easy)know the concept its enough..

8.problem on profit & loss.(i didnt solve it)

well that is what i remember.sorrrrryyyyyy!!!!!!!

i would sugest u to solve atleast 8-9 questions.no guesswork plz as there is negative marking with satyam.first go through the paper.dont think that solving the paper from 1 st question will help u.i started from last page as the problems at the last page are damn easy..so have a look & solve questions that appear easy....

cut off is generally 6-7 so make sure u get atleast 9 correct.

clearing the written is easy.

then comes the main elimination round


see a lot of ppl get scared of this round..its not that tough as it is said to be.. but u have to know that this is not a contest...u r just askd to dicuss not to prove anything.basic topics will be given..if they ask u to selct topic then make sure that u go with ur groups opinion as they will be looking for team qualities.

be as polite as possible in ur approach.its good if u take intiative but if u wont dont think u will lose.just make sure that whatever point u make its a strong one..i didnt atke the initiative but i made a strong point.then my group actually started figthing which sends out a very wrong signal to the refree.so i asked them to calm down & told them that we are deviating from the actual point.try to bring ur group together & make sure that u dont appear dominating but still u have good hold on them..try to know all of thier names b4 u start.this would help.

sit properly ,behave professionally.onevery important thing is they are not looking for ur english or speaking skills all they look for is ur confidence & how well u r able to present urself.they look for the clarity of thought so plzz stop thinking that this is for those who r fluent in english...


i made it through (i didnt initiate or conclude).

once u get through gd interview u are finally there.if u carry urself well u r into the company.last round is very formal...


In SATYAM technical & hr is combined so u shud cash on this oppurtunity so if u dont do well in tech but u do good in HR there is chance that u will be selected.so its abt ur confidence.

dont be nervous when u walk in.girls dont keep those handkerchiefs with u coz u will rub them out of tension.walk in with a sweet gentle smile.wish the panel..take ur seat when they say.place evarything that u have on the table.sit straight & wear a swet smile.dont look too eager for questions.be calm & composed

my questions were


1)write a program to print first ten even numbers(simple format)

2)what are ur sem subjects?explain each of them(just basic concepts)

3)what is software engineering?

4)what is the difference b/w c & c++(very basic nah?)

5)what is compiler & interpretor?

the technical round may not be this simple.prepare well.work hard.luck is the main factor...


1)tell me abt urself(dont stop until they give any sign to stop)

2)tell me abt DAV(its the shool frm where i completed my 10th & 12th-was really intrested in this asked me around 4 questions on this topic)

3)what is ur father?

4)are u willing to be relocated?(default answer -yes)

5)where did u do ur inter from?(as i did my schooling frm north so he was impressed).

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