Google Interview Process explained for beginners(Part 2)

Okay so You got selected in Google and they now call you for an onsite round.Lets see what comes next and in 2016 this is happening in Google hiring for freshers and senior resources:

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So the process starts with usually 3 sometimes four Google interviewers and some functional questions which lasts around 30-50 minutes each so its a long time of grilling.It`s google hiring so you should be patient this is your dream company.

Now for Technical profiles (Engineers) They ask you a lot of questions on the area of your expertise and also test your knowledge on data structures and algorithm based questions.The interviewers are friendly and they just want to test your confidence.The questions have various ways in which they can be answered basically Google is a company which stresses on out of box problem solving so the more creative you are, the more chances of your job in Google.

For non technical profiles:Cognitive thinking: Some of you may have read the book "Thinking fast and slow" that book touches on the cognitive reasoning and thinking.The way google asks you questions they leave the question open ended and want to see how creative and Googley you can be in coming up with the right answers.

Role related knowledge is also tested,So if you are going for a adword campaign related job than make sure you know what the role requires and how you can differentiate yourself with the competition.

They also check your leadership skills and whether you have the right communication skills to progress in your job and lead a team and drive them to glory.This is how the interview pans out. Now Instead of going on other sites and seeing people`s interviews We want to give you a advice that each interviewer is different so those experiences won`t help you.What will help you is how you prepare for the interview.So read on how to best prepare for the Google interview: Google Interview Process preparation for beginners(Part 3)
Remember a lotta these questions with detailed explanation can be found At this Website

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