Top 3 ways to prepare for Interview

Google uses an internal software known as qDroid and it acts as google`s question generator kinda like the computer on who wants to be a millionaire.This is what sets them apart from other big companies and what sets Google apart. So how do you get prepared for the interview exactly here are 3 hacks to prepare for your interview:

1) Anticipation:

You know what makes footballers great its anticipating which shot will go where.So you can do the same and try to predict where the interviewer is going with his line of questioning and prepare urself beforehand. For example: If an interviewer is asking you about web design and about your project than you can anticipate that the google interviewer will ask you what problems you had in that project and what did you do to make solution to that problem and what was your learning from that project.Similarly if coding interview Google interviewer will ask what was code bugs you encountered and how you came up with solutions. You can try explaining a project, assignment, or situation that best demonstrates your analytical abilities.

2) Plan your Interview :

You should always have a backup answer in case you get confused.For example lets say Interviewer asks you about something tough than try to explain something else what you are good at.Always play to your strengths and be specific and concise with your answers.But make sure you cover all your strong points and let the interviewer know you know what you are talking about.

Also one strategy you can use is ask him to repeat his question so that in the meanwhile plan your answer.... Dont be generic and instead know what you did and write that down so that you make points backed by numbers,statistics,real world scenarios.Do not get nervous if you don`t remember everything.When you are relaxed than everything comes back in your head.

3) Be Well dressed and Rehearse:

Lets face it you have to sell yourself like a product.Will anyone buy you if you looked bad.So make sure you wear your best clothes and be relaxed and comfortable. Rehearse a interview one day before with your mom/dad/sister/brother so that you don`t get nervous in front of an interviewer. Also don`t think that interviewer is from Mars he works 9-5 like any other guy so it`s ok if you ask him questions that you don`t understand.

The most important thing before you go for interview: Take blessing from your parents before you go and if religious say a prayer so that you have the belief to take on the world. Happy hunting for job and if you liked this article please leave a comment and subscribe.

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