2007 May IBM Test paper questions Bangalore

IBM Test paper May 2007 (Bangalore)

Section 1(Verbal Ability):
Consisted of 10 questions.
5 questions were fill in the blanks. They were quite easy n were mainly based on prepositions n use of articles.
1) He was out of work ______ six months before he found a new job. (from/during/for/in).
2)The Chairperson usually presides _____ the meeting. (at/over/during/on).
3) The credibility of the game has been destroyed by the match-fixing scandals in cricket.(choose the word nearest in meaning).
4)They cost $10 _____ kilo(the/a/an).

5)Black Monday was ____ most dramatic in a huge list of horrible days (a/an/the).
Next Reading Passage was given & 5 questions were given based on the passage.
Section 2(Analytical Ability):
Consisted of 25 questions. Duration:30 min.
On a particular day, students who visited a canteen ordered either a burger, a pastry or a sandwich. 19 students had a burger, 25 had a pastry, & 27 had a sandwich. 7 students had a burger & a pastry but not a sandwich, 9 had a pastry & sandwich but not a burger, 5 had a burger & sandwich but not a pastry. 3 students had a burger, a pastry & a sandwich.
How many students had only a burger?
How many students had only a pastry?
How many students had only a sandwich?
Introducing a man, a woman said, "He is the only son of my mother's mother". How is the woman related to the man? (ans: Niece). Some were on data sufficiency. They were also quite easy ones

Some questions were on time & work. For this refer R.S.Agarwal Some questions were on the following pattern:
In a binary system 1 is written as $ & 0 is written as *. In this system as 1 moves to the left the value of the number doubles itself. (Clearly this was the problem of binary conversions. You just needed to put $ n *s in place of 1s n 0s after doing proper conversions).

Section 3(Attention to detail):

10 questions
Very easy section.
questions were: If + is replaced by *, - is replaced by /, * is replaced by +, / is replaced by * then calculate 2/65*3+65-23 & so on. (Just hold on patiently & calculate to check which of the given options is correct)

A set of questions were based as:
There were conditions given as to how a marketing executive would be selected & in the following questions individuals with their qualifications were given. Based on the previous conditions given, u have to decide whether each one can qualify or not. (Easy set again) Refer Verbal Reasoning of RS Agarwal

Section 4(Technical):
10 ques
Sum questions on C, database, unix etc.
· A directed graph is also called _______.
· In a queue the end at which insertions are performed is called the ____ end & the end from where deletions are done is called the ______ end.
· The operator used to get value at address stored in a pointer variable is____.
· char a[]="have a nice day!" ; then p+=7 points to ____
· question about normalization.
· what permission would Chmod 755 yield on a file ?
· The state of the file system is contained in a ____ block.
Remaining questions I don't remember.

Technical Interview for job:
Questions based on C, Database, Unix, DS, CN
what is trigger in DBMS.
what happens when we open a file in r+ mode like whether file will be created if it s not there can we write to file?
which topology takes minimum wiring options: star,bus,ring & complete etc
Ur favourite subject. I chose JAVA.
Oops concepts. They go in detail in the subject.
Also prepare well ur core subjects, Programs.
They ask u everything whatever u mention in ur resume.
HR Interview for job:
They ask u all general questions.
Which websites do you browse frequently n y? N they ask u questions based on it.
What is your latest movie? They ask us to give the gist of the story? What did u like in the movie? Etc..
Questions on ur strengths.

Gudluck for ur employment and furthering ur Career

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