The written exam pattern is completely changed it consists of two sections :
---Verbal ability

In Reasoning all over 30questions were asked for 35minutes
1st five questions are of "Number Ranking and sequencing"

few questions which i remember:
1. IF Ram's rank from the beginning is 10th in a classroom of students and ranks 12th from the last. how many students are there in the classroom.
ANS. 9 students before ram +ram+ 11 students from end==== 9+1+11=21
similarly some models of above..

2. IF therre are 31 students in a classroom and if ram stands 13th from beginning ,wat is his rank from the end.?

3. IF Ram ranks 12th from beginning and Shyam ranks 11th from end . and if Ram and Shyam exchange their places. then Shyam's rank from end is 15th from end . wat is the rank of Ram from the beginning now?

4.& 5. similar model.
6----10 questions were based on missing figures ,
11----15 were based on DATA SUFFICENCY (easy ones only)
16--20 were based on data interpretation
A pie chart which gives the distribution of the "times group magazine"it consists of two cirlces ,the incircle gives the disturbution of one newspaper "times of india" and the outcirlce gives the distribution of " indiatimes.com" on same parameters.......
5 questions were asked on this piechart
doesnt need much of calculations...

21--25 seating arrangemnt of 11 students A,B,C,D,E.F,G,H,I,J,K. ( 4 CONDITIONS WERE GIVEN LIKE)
D ,who sits to immeidite left of E,is 2nd to the left of C.

26----30 "SYLLOGISMS" we have to draw the conclusion of two statements which are logically connected,,,it is based on distribution lists of subject and predicate in both statements,..verify " logical reasonin g by r s agarwal,or time material of reasoning"
example: some cats are dogs.
all dogs are pigs.
the conlcusion for this is " some pigs are cats"

the second paper is " VERBAL; ABILITY"----OBJECTIVE--40MIN
11---20 Find the correct statement from the options( grammer part jjust go through all ur basics tenses , prepostions)
21 ---25 a statement is given where the underlined phrase or line has to be corrected
we have to find the right choice from the options;<>
26---30 fill in the blanks with the right option there again tenses ,prepostions,,conjunctions,,
30---40 logical reasoning where a certain situation is given we have to find the conclusion of it or the assumption of the author...
in verbal ability time management is important

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