2008 Test Pattern For Satyam Interview (This is Awesome)

Test paper for Satyam Interview


This is the easiest part.anyone can do it if he/she has proficiency in English.Consult ur study materials 4 the CAT or any other similar exam.there was one on architects in India,others were on body immunity& hospitals.


Manageable only if u r acquainted with the CAT pattern & books like R.S AGGRAWAL are amply suitable.sums were on dist,speed&time,boats&streams,pipes&cisterns,co-ordinate geometry,general geometry,pie-charts,age problems,etc.so u must go through R.S AGGRAWAL vividly. keep all formulae at the tips of ur fingers.


The toughest part.plz be slow but steady 2 answer this section.practice 4m BARRON'S.but don't expect 2 get common q's.i remember dat one was on red&green hats.


1) U needn't answer all q's.just do 7-8 correctly.cut-off is usually 7(may vary).

2) Decide which q's can be solved at single chance.don't waste ur time on a particular q.just go along with the rest if u get stuck at one.

3) Don't make wild guesses coz of -ve marking.

4) Think +ve & be confident.


Just speak logically & confidently 2 express ur views.Either start or conclude the topic.Make sure dat u contribute some good pts. They emphasise on ur communication&logical skill.each grp has 10 members.2-3 got selected 4m each grp coz Gd Interview is the main elimination round.our topic was easy-Population in India is an increasing manace.


1) introduce urself.

2) wht's the meaning of ur name?(4tunately i knw the meaning of my own name!!!)

3) why Satyam?(plz try 2 knw the company profile very well.)

4) u r a student of ELECTRONICS&INSTR.so why do u wnt 2 enter software industry?(plz prepare this ans well if u r 4m hardcore stream.)

5)hobbies,achievements& aspirations.

6)r u ready 4 relocation?(i said dat i'll go even if i'm given ALASKA.)

7)few technical q's.they'll show interest abt ur project.plz be well informed abt ur vocational training&project.

8)if u join any software firm,wht wud u prefer as ur dream project?

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