LATEST 2007 December ACCENTURE Employment Questions

Accenture Test paper 2

There was three different phases for job inteview test

(1) written exam

(2) HR

(3) techniqual interview

fnd there were 4 section in the written exam

(i) english section [15 questions]

(ii) aptitude [30 questions]

(iii) lang "c" [15 quests]

(iv) lang c++ [15 quests]

english sections -----------

question given here are just based on my memory, & may not be exactly

same .so just get the idea of the questions---

(i)_ university named with cusat is situated there.[ans-a]

(ii) we study in _university,rather in school.[ans-a]

(iii) mr riju works _ the supervision of mr ram.[ans-under]

like that 10 questions wr based on article & preposition.(2 synonyms & antonyms)

5 questions wr based on the comprehension.. that was not very hard. but i'll prefer to do it at last. cuz it was too much long, that waz time taking. so i solved it at last.

(2) this section included 30 questions from aptitude. those wr damn easy. & u will solve it. in just 30 mins may be less than that.

i think u can solve them within 25 mins.they were simple .

most of the problems wr frm ----

time & work


ratio & proportion

profit & loss

races & condition

time & distance


that's all. just try to solve it as quickly as possible. but do it carefully.

I solved all those questions except four. Try to revise

the R.S.Agarwal book (aptitude).

A man is st&ing on the platform. A train passes by him in a spped of 5km/hr & the length of the train is 100m. Calculate the time taken by the train to

cross the man.

Between 1 & 2, when the arms of the clock will coincide (hr & min arms).

(Formula: [(11*min)/2 - (30*hr)=0] ---> this is the eqn. If u will input hr, u will get the min as answer.

Data may be just giving the pattern.

(3) 3rd sections was based on c. all were based on pointers. so i'll suggest u

to solve test yr c skill. if possible then solve the "exploring c" also.

this was also an easy section. all the 15 questions wr easy but they wr taking my time. so i was solving them fastly without caring whether they r correct or

wrong.but i tried all those question except 2 questions.

(4)c++ sections. actually in my college in computer science c++ was not in the syllabus. so i have been studying it since i got the news about accenture.

questions wr based on ----

virtual function


alot of questions wr based on "this" operator.They used to make classes &

objects & inserted "this" pointer along with "&" & "||" operators. So make

ur concept on these things very strong.they wr too much long. i could hardly

read all the questions.

this section was damn tough. i could hardly solve 3 questions correctly. but

those were correct. & abt rest i just ticked "c" was really short

of time there.

i will suggest u to solve it at last. but atleast try to solve 3 or 4 questions & if u want to do better in this section then go for test yr C++ skills & go through correctly bcuz i heard some of my fnds did't get selected cuz they left this sections untouched.

one more important thing---there is individual cutoff in each section of written be careful. do not let any section untouched.

one more thing, never hesitate to tick all the questions.There waz no negative marking. so even if u r not very sure, u can make guesses.

HR round:

fnds this was very crucial one.they will ask u a lot of questions abt yr family


career objective,



etc. but fnds be carefull abt yr

academic drop year. they will be seeking for a peculiar reason. frankly saying

I had three years gaps between +2 & eng. so i made a ful proof reason

& just mug it up. i told her everything which i had prepared. & really it

worked well. she got satisfied.i was very confident & u shd be there with a lot confidence & yr genuine interest in their company with regarding data .

rest were simple questions like--

what will u want to improve in yrself?

yr interests?

wt r u doing to overcome yr weaknesses.?

like that...

but do't get nervous. in this area u have to make a difference. ther r

very supportive. one more important thing fnds.. i think there was a specific panel there . & that panel did't select any c& it depends on yr luck.


FNDS. it totally depends on your knowledge. they will ask u simple &

basic question.

they asked me only 2 questions.

(1) u have several attributes. like.. employee no,employee name, employee id,supervisor no, supervisor name, months, no of days remained,

so the question was to make a normalized relationship schema.

(2) just print the numbers in reverse order fm 1 to 100 .. that satisfy n mod 2=0

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