Latest December 2007 SUN MICROSYSTEMS paper 2


1. For the following program.

struct XXX
{int a;
float b;
char *s;

If optimization :X not used in compiler then unused
Give your assumption_______________.

2. Give the output of the following program

struct XXX
{int a:6;
float b:4;
char s;

size of (structure);

3. Class used for the multiple inheritence in JAVA_________________

(a) anonymous class
(b) inner class
(c) abstract class
(d) none

4. XDR fixes in which part of OS1 stack.

5. LDAP is____________service protocol.

6. Given definition for a function which returns a array of pointers

with argument of int*.

7. Give a function declaration with no arguments which refers a two
dimensional array

8. Pick up the correct function declaration.

1. void *[] name();
2. void int[][] name();
3. void ** name();
4. none of the above.

9. Give the difference between monolithic & microlithic kernal:

a. monolithic large
b. microlithic used in embedded systems.
c. none.

10. rPC coresponds to_______________in OSI stack.

11. Find the no.of page faults using LRU stack.

eg.3 4 4 6 7 8 1 2 .. ..

12. The inorder representation of a tree 41523 & preorder is 24513
Draw it?

13. When does a stack member will be initialised

(a) when object is created
(b) when object is initialised.
(c) doesnot depend on object.
(d) none.

14. Number of CPU in a multiprocess is contrassed by

(a) RISC nohere of CPU
(b) memory
(c) both (a) & (b)
(d) None of the above

15. Give the output of the following program

{char *s;
s="hot java";
strcpy(s,"solarrs java")


16. Give the output of the following program

{printf("hot java");

(i). When redirected to a screen what will be printed.
(ii). When redirected to file what will be printed.

17. Give the output of the following program

{int ret;

18. Give the output of the following program

{char *p='a';
int *i=100/*p;

what will be the value of *i= 1

19. Which data structure gives efficient search

1 B-tree
2 binary tree
3 array
4 linked list

20. Find the error in the following program

struct point
{struct point *next;
int data;

{int i;


21. Mutex & _________are similar locking mechanisms.

22. A complex question on pointers & functions.

23. SNMP & SMIP transport layer protocols for TCP/IP&OSI.

24 UNIX: difference between select & poll


REC Warangal ORACLE-2004


paper having two parts.

part 1: apptitute test -30question (20min)
part 2: technical Test -30question (20min)

Part 1:

1)find the range of x*x -5x+6>0

2)if 5x*x+14*x+k=0 having two reciprocal roots find the value of k.

3&4)two sentence are given ,in between four sentence are given in change order. (like between 1 & 6 ,abcd four sentence are given 1 a b c d 6)
Find the correct order?

5)if first term of AP is 5 .16th term is 45.find the sum of first 16 terms.

6)x,y & z are odd no. not necessarly in sequence.then y=?
(1)mean of x & z is 114.
(2)mean of y & z is 113.

Ans: 115

7)ram is 27 year old then mohan.after 7 year ram age is thrice as mohan
age .find ram age?
Ans : 67/2

8)if three tapes are filling a tank of capacity of 500lit with speed of
30lit/sec,48lit/sec & 36lit/sec. Find after how long time tank will
Ans : 500/114

9)find the root of given eq x-2/(x-1)=1-2/(x-2) if possible.
Ans : x = 0

10)find the point of intersection of \

Ans : NO

11)suppose in a pot 20 cards are there label 1-20 on that. find the
probability of getting two prime.

Ans : 8/20 = 2 / 5

12)in an island three persons are there Jam ,Dam & Sam .sam having
pencil,dam having cap & Jam having book .we have find who is author
among them if.
(1)Sam says ,Jam is author but author wearing cap.
(2)Dam says ,I am author ,but author not having cap.
(3)Sam says, I am author ,but author having note book.
Find who is author?

Ans : jam

13)Jo ,Do & So are three person.
(1) So says Jo is football player, I also football player.
(2) Do says Jo is football player, I also football player.
(3) Jo says Do is football player, I also football player.
Find the football player player among them.

Ans : jo

14-16)question based analogy . like LION:CUB find the pair in given choice.

17)in a basket 3 mangos,4 apples & 4 bananas are there. Find no of ways we select randomly 3 fruit from basket?

18) if a^x=b^y=c^z & b^2=ac then find x+z/xz=?
Ans : 2/y

19)(loga)^2-(logb)^2 = ?
ans :- logab-loga/b

20)in a 60 liters of mixture of spirit & water is 7 %. in order to make water 19%,how much water should be added.(some thing like this)

21-25)A one & half page length passage will be given & 4 to 5
questions will be asked based on this passage.


Technical part:-
pattern: 1) pl/sql—>7 quest
2) java—>5 quest
3) c & pointers—>9 quest
4) dbms & dfd’s—>5 quest
5) ds—>4 quest

some quest are here:-
1.what is not a c- storage class

2.if dba creates one user what are the privilages the user will get?

3. which keyword is used to const in java
Ans. final

4.char *array[4]={”some string”}

5.remote object will be in the package (verity it)

6.#define sq(a) (a*a)
printf (”%d”,sq (3+2));

7.#define max 20
printf (”%d”, ++max);
Ans.lvalue required — error

8.printf (”%d”,sizeof (2>3?4?:4:3?4:2));(some thing like this)
Ans.syntax error

9. what is important of free(). of constructor in java program.

11.impotance of macro.

12.underfolw condition of stack.

1)Which of the following is not a storage class in C?

2)Which of the following ‘return’ statement is correct?
return, return;
return(1, 2, 3);
return(return 4);
(return 5, return 6);

3)The second argument to fopen() function is?
const char *
int *

4)What is the output of the program?
void main()
char buffer[10] = {”Genesis”};
printf(” %d “, &buffer[4]- (buffer));
Illegal pointer subtraction

5)If “arr” is an array of 5 x 5 dimension, arr[2][4] is same as

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