SIEMENS PAPER 2007 part 2

Siemens test pattern

The selection procedure is as follows
· Written Test
· Technical HR interview
· Personal HR interview

Written Test

There was a separate Question Paper for ECE & CSE,MCA

There was a General Aptitude which has 25 questions which is very very simple common for both

Then given C Aptitude for ECE & C++ Aptitude for CSE,MCA 25 qns

150 candidates were participated in the written test & 15 cleared the test

Technical interview by HR interviewer

If u are ECE guy u will not be grilled so much in c or OOPS concept

But CSE & MCA be ready for it

The Technical HR questions were very much simple only on OOPS concepts

If u are CSE guy u have to explain the concepts like polymorphism,linkedlists with coding example

ECE guys has to tell only the concept its enough

They are testing only ur confidence level & the way u react in the critical situation
Personal HR

It is cool experience in the HR Panel .
The HR is very much friendly & had a casual Chat

From 15 candidates 10 cleared THR & 4 cleared HR

Hope it will be useful

All the best for ur interview

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