Test paper 2 for Wipro 2006 best questions

Test paper 2 for Wipro

First section is vocabiliary, second apti, third is techni

Voc is very easy about 10 or 15 I don't remember the exact number, last quest was paragraph based on scientist research ....
tips fist read the ques on paragraph then read the para so that u have an idea on where 2 concentrate in the paragraph.
Some of voc ques that I can remember r
1."stuck 2 guns" means options r firm with the attitude,....
Some other easy ques.

Aptit section do r.s. aggarwal buk that will b more than sufficient. many ques r copied 4m agar without even changing numerical values.
1.ques based on data interpretation little tough & lengthy based on birth rate....
2.quest based on numb seqence
..........some series in this fashion very lenthy series. v were supposed 2 find next line of the series. tip is go through the option & solve.

3.ques on blood relation
tip draw diagram & solve. quiet easy

4.quest on simple interest & compound interest something like s.i-c.i=sum this ques was diretly 4m aggarwal with same numericals.

5.que based on no. of men 9 men do some work in some days & how many days will 13 men take. easy one.

1.for loop condition to print
4 options were given like for(I=0;I<=j;I++)
some more options try & solve this problem

2.questions basedon data struc,C,Unix,C++

3.ques on c++
which object is not accessible by main program.i don't remembr the qu properly

3.ques based on networking. when u switch on compu some problem due 2 network .....answer is in ques itself easy one.

4.easy ques ans is clipart.

That's all I can remember.10 ques in voca, 20 on apti, 20 on techni I am not sure.There is no neg markin so try & answer all the que. First ans the ones u know properly set about 5 min 2 mark the ones u have left unanswe. but sectional cutoff is there. For ECE students cutoff is different(I heard ). 4 ec students cutoff is less in techni section & more in apt section.

Technical interview
This is the round where they try 2 eliminate most of them. some hr ques also might b asked like tell me about yourself.
Strength weakness, willingness to work in team, basic ques on 8085, 86, c, c++, Like difference b/w c c++,86 & 85,expansion of conio.h, how tv works, cdma technology basics.

best of luck for ur interview.

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