Test paper3 for HCL sept 2006 Chennai

Test paper3 for HCL Chennai sep 2006

There are 4 levels –
1. APTITUDE TEST ( 1 hr 30 min )
It contains 2 sections –
a> 1st part 35 question.
Most of them are Logical reasoning, Coding, Data Interpretation
Percentage etc. It was not an easy one. But the easier problems are
situated at last. So it is best to find from where to start.
b> 2nd part 20 question.
Some questions that came are-
i. what is backpatcher
ii. language extension done by
iii. full form of SCSI
iv. tracing output ( 2 to 3 question )
v. no of links in a fully connected network of n nodes
vi. mutual exclusion implementation strategy
vii. function to pointer vs pointer to function
viii. in a given C function, for which line an error will be generated. Etc
Correct Ans -> 1 marks
Wrong Ans -> -1 marks

2 Group Disscussion
As only 157 student have been selected for the next round, they said “OK students, next round –TECHNICAL”

3. Technical held in 1: 1 ratio.
First I was asked to introduce myself, then –
ix. define data structure
x. define array,q,stack,link list their properties
xi. quick sort with complexity
xii. hashing
xiii. Define O.S
xiv. What happened when we press the power button of the computer.
xv. Difference between win 9X & win XP
xvi. Define DBMS
xvii. Diff keys
xviii. Normalizations : Why & upto DKNF
xix. To write down an SQL queary
xx. He asked if I know Microprocessor, I said No .
xxi. Full form of OSI.
xxii. Different layers of OSI & their functions.
xxiii. TCP/IP vs OSI
xxiv. Nothing from C.
xxv. Friend Function
xxvi. Polymorphism
xxvii. Operator Overloading
xxviii. Class Vs Structure

4. HR
It also held in 1: 1 ratio at first few hours then in 1: 5 ratio.
the first question was –
i. Tell me about ur family.
ii. Then he asked why I have 54% in graduation, while in all other cases over 80%.
iii. Why I have done B.Sc but not B.Tech
iv. Then why I am doing MCA
v. Why not TCS
vi. No of students who got over 60% in B.Sc under Calcutta University
vii. Next he said the technical score is okay, then why should he will hire me
viii. Tell me about HCL
ix. the strong points
x. the weak points
xi. What is uniq in me
xii. If I had any plan of higher studies
xiii. the opinion on reservation issue
xiv. Location preference
xv. If I was ready to sign bond

Gudluck for ur employment and optimization of ur Career

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